ESC is slow to post to QuickBooks

Description of Issue:

ESC is slow to post to QuickBooks

Cause of Issue:

The ESC Accounting Server log is failing to delete the temporary folder after a Windows Update has been performed. This causes the ACCTSERV.LOG file to continue to grow, resulting in slow posting to QuickBooks.

Resolution of Issue: 

Important: If you are operating in a Virtual Environment, the following steps will not provide a solution. You will need to reach out to whoever manages the Virtual Environment and provide them with these steps.

1. Have everyone log out of ESC and then Pause the ESC Accounting Server.

2. Go to your ESC server computer and type into the Windows Search bar: %acctserv%

3. From the results, select "Open file location."


4. From the file location, locate the acctserv.log file, right-click the file and select Delete. Close the folder when you are done.


5. Start the ESC Accounting Server and allow it to report that it has been connected.

Once these steps have been completed, you may then log back into ESC and attempt to post to QuickBooks. 

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