ESC is slow to respond to QuickBooks Desktop

Description of Issue:

ESC is slow to respond to QuickBooks Desktop

Cause of Issue:

QuickBooks auto-update removed user permissions from the ESC Profile.

Resolution of Issue: 

The following steps will correct this issue:

1. First, Pause the ESC Accounting Server.

  • ESCQBSlow1.png

2. Log into QuickBooks as the Admin.

3. Remove the ESC Certification Role (steps below).

  • Click on File > Switch to Single User > Click OK.
  • Click on Edit > Preferences > Integration Application > Company Preferences tab.
  • Click on ESC > Click Remove > Click OK and then the X in the top right-hand corner.
    • ESCQBSlow2.png

4. Click Company in the menu bar and then Users

  • Click on the ESC user and click Role list.
  • Scroll through the list and click on Full Access.

Note for QuickBooks Premier and Pro Users Only: You may need to provide ESC with an Admin Access Role and skip to step 5.

  • ESCQBSlow3.png
  • Click OK to save the change.

5. Switch QuickBooks back to Multi-Users mode.

  • Click File > Switch to Multi-User mode and then close and log out of your QuickBooks file.

6. Click Retrieve on the ESC Accounting Server.

  • ESCQBSlow4.png

7. The QuickBooks - Application Certificate will appear. Make sure you select the checkbox next to "Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running." "Login as:" should be set to the ESC user, and the "Allow this application to access personal data such as Social Security Numbers and Customer Credit Card Information" is checked. Then click Continue.

  • ESCQBSlow5.png

8. Click the Start button on the ESC Accounting Server. The Status should then show as Connected.

  • ESCQBSlow6.png

9. Open ESC and then click File > QuickBooks Connection Wizard.

  • ESCQBSlow7.png

10. Connect to QuickBooks

  • The first screen that appears will ask for the version of QuickBooks you are running. Select the option that your current version of QuickBooks falls into and then click Next.
  • ESCQBSlow8.png

11. Connect through the Accounting Server.

  • If ESC will be in use on multiple machines in your office, this is the method you will choose.

    • The ESC Accounting Server will remain connected with QuickBooks and act as a bridge to QuickBooks from every ESC workstation. This eliminates the need to have QuickBooks installed on your workstations and assures that all users are connected to the same QuickBooks database with the same settings.

  • Click Next and a field will appear asking for the Server Name or IP address of the computer the ESC Accounting Server resides on. If you're not sure what to enter in this field you can turn to the ESC Accounting Server, which will provide you with both the Server Name and the IP Address. It is recommended that you use the Server Name to connect. Enter this information into the field provided in the Connection Wizard.

  • ESCQBSlow9.png
  • Click the Next button again. You should receive the following message: "The connection to QuickBooks was Successful!" Simply click Next once more.
  • ESCQBSlow10.png

12. Click to Close the QuickBooks Connection Wizard and test Post to QuickBooks.

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