Tracking Progressive Billing


The best part of progressive billing is the ability to track the status of the job at any time.  ESC provides a variety of reports to make sure the job schedule is on track and that it will be profitable.

The Quote List Report

Not to be confused with the Quote List screen, the Quote List Report can be found by going to Sales → Reports → Quote List.  On this report, the original quote is listed with its Amount, and also the % Billed is seen at the far right.

This percentage is computed by adding the total of the partial billing invoices against the total Amount of the original quote. As with any sales report, when previewing the Quote List on the screen, clicking on any quote number will display that quote on the Quote screen.


The Job Sales Report

A Job Sales Report, available through Sales → Reports → Job Sales Report, will display the following data about our job that is starting with a Quote, and is being partially-billed with several invoices. For a job to appear on the Job Sales Report, it needs to be first created by going to the Job List or by creating the Job directly on the Quote screen, and a quote needs to be created with the job in the Job field.

Use this report to monitor the billing activity of your jobs. If a job appears on this report, and if the report is being previewed on the screen, double-click on any job to display the Setup Jobs screen with this job and its activity displayed.


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