How Do I Track My Quotes?


After you have created quotes it is important to follow up on them so that you can close the sale. The Quote List report is the perfect way to do this. It allows you to see all quotes created or modified within a certain period. The quotes will be subdivided on the report by status so you can easily see which have been accepted, rejected or are still pending.

To access this report, go to Sales → Reports → Quote List.  When the filter screen appears, fill in the criteria you want to search for and choose your Sort Order.

Preview the report and you can click on a customer's name to see all their contact information on the Customer screen. If you need to get more information on the quote, click the quote number to recall it instead. On the Quote screen you can change the status of the quote from Pending to Accepted or Rejected. Be sure to Save the quote after doing this to commit your changes.

Another great way to track and manage your quotes is from the Quote List - not to be confused with the Quote List Report.  The Quote List will appear as a button on your ESC icon bar and provides you with a fully customizable list of all quotes in your system.  You can even generate your own views to help you track detailed information.

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