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Price books can be used to selectively print a list of inventory items for sales people or technicians. This allows items that are unnecessary for a particular salesperson to deal with to be removed. This screen is used to create, delete, and modify price books. When an inventory part is added or edited on the Inventory Entry screen, the Price Book field will determine which Price Book the part will appear on, or whether the item will appear on all price books or none.

Example: Our company may have both a HVAC and Plumbing division. If we have a plumber that doesn't work on HVAC equipment, create a separate Plumbing price book. We can then assign all parts that are only used by plumbers to this price book.

Setup Price Books

  1. To create and edit Price Books, head to Inventory → Enter Salesman Price Books.  
  2. If you wish to edit the Description of a Price Book, double-click on the one you wish to edit.  To create a new Price Book, click the Add New button.
  3. Assign the Price Book a Code and a Description.  Once the Price Book has been saved, the Code cannot be changed, but the Description can.
  4. Click OK.

Assign Parts to a Price Book

When editing an inventory item - or creating one for the first time - you'll set the assigned Price Book in the Inventory Entry screen.  An item can be assigned to a single Price Book, All Price Books or None.  

If you wish to set a Default Price Book for all new inventory items, you'll do so by going to Company → System Setup → Inventory.

Printing Price Books

Price Books can be printed in a variety of formats by going to Inventory → Reports.  In the Filter screen for each report, select the specific Price Book that you want the report to print out.

  • The Price List report will produce a basic Price Book with items, descriptions and prices.
  • The Price List with QR Codes will produce the same information as the Price List, but will also print a QR Code for each individual item.  This will make scanning items into a Quote or Invoice from the field fast and easy for your technicians.
  • The Price List with Barcodes will also produce the same information as the basic Price List, but will assign a Barcode to each item so that the items can be scanned to a Quote or Invoice using a mobile device in the field.
  • If you have generated flat rate pricing for your items, you can print a Flat Rate Price Book from the Reports menu that will show items, descriptions and the individual rates for each item.
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