The first 20 characters of all jobs must be unique


Description of Error:

When importing jobs through the QuickBooks Connection Wizard with either the Import Jobs Entered in QuickBooks as Jobs in ESC or Import Jobs Entered in QuickBooks as address locations AND jobs in ESC option selected, the following error appears:

The first 20 characters of all jobs must be unique, or they will not import properly into ESC. You modify all duplicate jobs in QuickBooks before importing.

Do you wish to view a list of these jobs?

Cause of Error:

Job names in ESC must be unique. Job names in QuickBooks do not. If duplicate job names exist in QuickBooks - even if they are for different customers - no customers or jobs will be imported until no duplicates exist.


There are two ways to fix this issue:

1. The first option is to elect not to import jobs entered into QuickBooks as jobs in ESC. Ask the customer how they use the jobs in QB. If they can achieve the same results by using locations in ESC, this is the way to go. To do this simply select Import jobs entered in QuickBooks as customer address locations in ESC when going through the Wizard.

2. The second option is to make each job unique. View the list of duplicate jobs provided by this error message. Modify each job on the list directly in QuickBooks to ensure the first 20 characters OF THE JOB are unique. This should not have any adverse effect within QuickBooks. After each job has been made unique, go through the Wizard again using the same settings and everything should import successfully.

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