How Do I Import Clark Inventory into ESC?


Clark is a leader in wholesale security products distribution.  In addition to supplying you with door hardware, key systems and electronic access controls, they are also able to provide you with a list of their inventory items and prices.  This list can be imported into ESC for easy ordering.

  1. Begin by updating your Cruisade database.
  2. On the same computer where your Cruisade database is stored, head to File → Import/Export → Import Clark Inventory.
  3. Then enter the full path to the folder where the Crusaide program is installed, or use the search button to the right of the field to navigate to the Cruisaide database directory.
  4. Next, select the conditions for your import:
  • Update Part Categories for Existing Items: If the import finds a part whose category has been modified by Clark, selecting this option will change the part category in ESC to match.
  • Update Prices for Existing Items: Price A prices will be changed on existing parts if this feature is selected. No price changes will occur if this option is not chosen.
  • Update Avg Cost with Dealers Cost for Existing Items: If this feature is selected, all parts will have their average costs modified to your dealer’s costs that exist within the import.
  • Update Model for Existing Items: If a part model has been changed in the import, selecting this feature will update those parts to the new model number.
  • Update Base Price with MSR for Existing Items: You may choose to update your base price with Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail (MSR) price from the import file.
  • Base price percentage markup if list price is not provided: This feature will modify the Price B price from the import and multiply the indicated percentage by the last purchase price of the part. (Example: last purchase price $85, markup % you might enter 200%=Price B price $170 ($85 x 200%=$170)).
    Note: The last purchase price used in this calculation will be prices that are uploaded from the Clark Import and are not the pre-existing Last Purchase Prices within ESC prior to the Clark Import.
  • Markup code to use for new items: If new parts are going to be entered into ESC through the Clark Import, you may choose the ESC Markup Code to apply from the drop-down list.
  • Create an Import Report: List all items where the list price falls below the following percentage mark-up over dealer’s cost: Use this report to find items that fall below a minimum markup percentage during the import. This will allow you to manually fix these items in the ESC software after the import.
  • After making your selections on these options, click on the Import button to import the new data. Due to the size of Clark Security’s database, this process may take quite a while.
  • To ensure up-to-date pricing, run this program every time a new update from Clark arrives. Before running this utility, make sure no other users are in the program.

    Warning! Due to intellectual copyright law, if Clark Inventory is imported into Electronic Service Control, the ability to export any inventory through the Export Data to ASCII utility is disabled.



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