Introduction to the Electronic Dispatch Board


The Electronic Dispatch Board provides a visual representation of the company's daily schedule and priorities.  It has an area for unassigned dispatches, as well as an area for assigned dispatches.  It can also provide full details on any selected dispatch.  


The main board itself will be divided into two sections - the left pane is used generally for non-tech columns that contain pending dispatches and the right pane is used for actual technicians' schedules.  The right pane can be altered to control what dispatches are displayed and how they are displayed.  This is done by changing the Views and the Options for the board you are working on.

To the far right, the Detail pane will provide you with information on the currently selected dispatch.  From this panel, you can dig deeper into the customer's information by clicking on an address.  You can also contact the customer directly by clicking on their email address. 

Within the Detail panel, you can change the Technician, Status of the dispatch or the Date and Time Promised.  You can even add to the Dispatch Notes section, view the Agreement information or create an invoice right from the Dispatch Board.

If you have Mapping capabilities enabled (Company → System Setup → Dispatch), a Map tab will appear at the top of the Detail panel on the upper-right of the screen.  Clicking on the Map tab will display ESC's Mapping feature, which allows you to route dispatches and see where your technicians are (requires GPS connection).


Electronic Dispatch Board Views

Setup the Dispatch Board

Working with Dispatches

The Electronic Dispatch Board with Google Maps

Why Can't I See All Dispatch Boards?

Customizing the Electronic Dispatch Board

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