The Electronic Dispatch Board with Google Maps


The Google Maps integration with ESC makes tracking your technicians and scheduling your dispatches simple.  

First, Maps must be enabled for any user that might use Google Maps integration on their workstation. To configure this, go to Company | Setup Users | Edit a user | click Next | scroll down to and make sure Enable Maps is checked | click Finish. Each mapping user must have the following permission enabled.


To make sure that the Google Maps integration is enabled, head to Company → System Setup → Dispatch and make sure that the Mapping Solution is set to Google Maps.

If you have Fleetmatics GPS tracking or ESC Mobile, you'll be able to use the Current GPS Locations view of the map to see where your technicians are at.  

This view will also show you the location of any dispatch you highlight on the Electronic Dispatch Board.

The Availability view of the map will show you where your technicians are scheduled to be and at what times they have open in their schedule.  Any dispatch that you currently have highlighted will also appear.  This allows you to determine which technician is best to assign the dispatch to.  

If you click on a technician's pin, the map will show you the best route and the approximate time it will take to get to that location from the technician's previous location.  

If you decide that this is the technician you wish to assign the dispatch to, click the Schedule Dispatch button at the bottom of the map.  

This will open the Dispatch tab and set the dispatch to the new technician and Promise Time.  

Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the Dispatch tab to accept the changes.

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