Backing Up Your ESC Database


"Do you have a backup of your database?"

Usually, by the time you hear this question, it's too late.  Unfortunately, many users only think to make a backup of their database when they need one, whether it's because they are doing an update, a server migration or because they think that something might be wrong with the database.  

But what would you do if thieves swept your server computer away into the night?

What would you do if you arrived at the office in the morning to find it flooded?  And yes, that is the server that just floated past you.

Now imagine you could immediately hop on a new computer - even your home computer - and restore your database and your business.  Doesn't that sound like the way to go?  Let's make that possible.

Backup Options



Q: I use Carbonite or another, similar, automatic online backup utility, that is backing up my database, right?

A: Here’s the short answer: no. While Carbonite is great for backing up your pictures and documents, it’s not suited to back up a live Microsoft SQL database. The better approach would be to use the guide, and then have Carbonite target the resulting backup file.

Q: Will this backup procedure interrupt my business?

A: No. You may run this utility during business hours and it will not impact performance of Electronic Service Control.

Q: Can I just backup to my CD/DVD/External Media/Mapped Drive?

A: No. We don’t recommend attempting this even if it might work. Backup routines may take time, and having them go to an external source of media is just going to increase that time. The more time something takes the higher risk of failure, the last thing you want is a corrupt backup. Trust us.

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