List Element in Use


Description of Error:

This error occurs while saving transactions in ESC that are attempting to post over to QuickBooks. It might also occur while posting invoices to QuickBooks.

List Element in Use

The error message itself is usually accompanied by a customer/vendor/employee name to indicate which record in particular it is having trouble posting a transaction for.

Cause of Error:

The error message indicates that the customer/vendor/employee record that ESC is attempting to post transactions to is being used by QuickBooks already. It could be that another user in the office is performing a task that also involves this particular record or has that entity's record open for editing.


This is not an error that requires 'fixing'. Simply wait for the QuickBooks program to complete other tasks involving this entity. Once the record is no longer in use in other parts of the program, QuickBooks will allow the information to be posted over.

Additional Information:

Note: This error message is similar to "List element is already in use". However, the issue indicated by this error is very different. Please double-check the error message you have received for the exact syntax.

If you receive the "List element is already in use" error, click here.

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