How Can I Search for an Attached Document?


It happens from time-to-time: you scan a document, you rename it, you attach it to a customer's record in ESC and click Save.  Then a tiny voice in the back of your mind tells you to check on that document again and - surprise! - it's not there.  So which customer did you attach that document to?  

Don't worry, you're not going to have to go through all of your customers to find it.  Instead, you'll go to Customer Info → Search Attached Documents.  

You may enter any part of the document name in the Look For field.  In the Search Under field, select the module the document would have been attached under.  Then click the Find button.  

Note: All words in the document name will be searched, but only from the beginning of the word.  If you are searching for a 'warranty', typing 'rant' will not return the correct results, but typing in 'war' will.

You may open a document from this screen by double-clicking on it; or you can extract it to your computer by right-clicking on the document in the list and selecting Extract.

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