A QuickBooks company data file is already open...


Description of Error:

The following error occurs when clicking the Connect to QuickBooks button on the ESC Accounting Server:

A QuickBooks company data file is already open and it is different from the one requested.

A similar error occurs after entering selecting the Direct Connect method in the QuickBooks Connection Wizard.

Cause of Error:

The path to the QuickBooks database entered into the ESC Accounting Server or ESC does not match the path to the company currently open in QuickBooks.


To fix this issue, make sure the path to the data is the same in ESC and in QuickBooks. You can accomplish this by completing the following steps:
1.Open QuickBooks normally on the machine you are working on and log on to your database.
2.Press the F2 key to display the Product Information screen.
3.Copy or note the Location of the QuickBooks database. This is shown at the top of the File Information section.
4.Close the Product Information screen and switch back to ESC or the ESC Accounting Server (which ever application gave you the error).
5.If using the Direct Connect method, in the path field, paste or type in the path you noted in QuickBooks.
6.If using the ESC Accounting Server, press the Retrieve button and then the Click to connect to accounting button.

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