"String Was Not Recognized as a Valid DateTime"


When an ESC tech attempts to log into the ESC Web Front Office, they may receive the following error:

Error: We apologize but there was a problem processing incoming dispatch data. An email has been dispatched to the administrator and the problem should be rectified shortly. Error:String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.

Cause of Error:

This error occurs when an ESC tech tries to log into the web front office if:

  • An ESC workstation has non-United States/English regional settings.
  • The ESC Connection Server computer has non-United States/English regional settings.
  • A dispatch exists in ESC with an invalid date or time, such as one created with Canadian regional settings.
  • ESC and/or the Connection Server are not at the latest versions of the software.
  • The computer that has the Connection Server installed to it has a problem within Windows or the registry.


It will be necessary to change the regional settings on the machine that has the connection server, on the ESC workstations AND on the machine(s) that is trying to log into ESC Front Office. Please update these settings to show United State/English NOT Canada.

The regional settings can be found under start / control panel / regional settings. Please make sure the Format, Location and Keyboard tabs show United States and not Canada. If this is already set to English (United States), it is possible that one or more fields have been modified and it is recommended to press the RESET button on the date and time screens and retry. If the problem persists, disable the Connection Server on the current machine and install it to another one on the network and retest. Ensure that the latest versions of ESC and the Connection Server are being used.

The other thing that must be done is to update any dispatch that was created while the non-United States/English regional settings were in place. To do this, go into each dispatch and reenter all dates and times and save.

Attn Windows 7 Users:

After changing the regional settings in Windows 7, make sure you go to the administrative tab and click on copy settings. Make sure everything shows English US and that you select both check options to copy settings on the bottom of the screen and click OK.

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