ESC's Vendor Center


Welcome to the Vendor Center!  The Vendor Center gives you complete access to all Vendors in your system, where you can search, report or edit their records.

From the Vendor Center, you can track down all vendors matching a certain criteria.  You can select any vendor and view their orders or credits.  You can even generate lists of vendors for reporting or communication purposes.

Searching for Vendors

The Search panel on the Vendor Center's toolbar has the ability to find your search criteria anywhere within the vendor's profile.  For instance, searching by the word "Bayshore" will find all Vendors in the city of Bayshore, on Bayshore Road or with Bayshore in their name.  This search also looks at various other fields in the Vendor's record, such as your Account, Terms and Notes.

Now, let's say you need to narrow the list down.  This can be accomplished by using a combination of predefined Views, Refined Filters and the Search bar.  

You'll find your predefined Views list on the left side of the screen.  You may open this panel by clicking on the current View shown on the left side of your toolbar.

This list contains both default and custom-created views.  To change the list of customers you're currently working with, click on a new View in the panel.

If you need to further refine the list of vendors in the current view, you can do so by clicking on the Refine Filters tab at the top of your Details panel on the right side of the screen.

The Refine Filters section allows you to enter more specific criteria in order to narrow your list down to just the group of vendors you wish to work with.


Active Vendors

This view will produce a list of all Vendors that are still in Active status.  This is the default view for the Vendor Center.

Inactive Vendors

This view will show all vendors in which both the Location and the primary record have been marked Inactive.

Toolbar Options

The Vendor Center gives you extra abilities by allowing you to print your results or export them to another program.  

  •   Clicking the Add Vendor button on the toolbar will open the Vendor screen with a new Vendor number assigned to the record.  All you'll need to do is enter the Vendor's information click Save.
  •  If changes have been made to a vendor's record or the filters of a View, clicking the Refresh button will ensure you have the latest information available.
  •  The Export button will turn the current view - with all of its results - into a CSV file, which can be opened by a variety of programs.  Primarily, you'll use this button to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.
  •  The Print button will print the View and its results in a Landscape format.  Only the columns that can be fit onto the printed page will be included, so make sure you narrow down your View to only the necessary information.
  •  The number of all records being shown in the current view will be displayed at the end of your toolbar.  You may not always want specific results when working in the Vendor Center, but instead, you may want to know how many records fit your criteria.
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