There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks AR Account


Description of Error:

When attempting to post an invoice to QuickBooks, the following error message may appear:

There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks AR Account "XXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX" in the Invoice. QuickBooks error message:

The account for this transaction must be of type Accounts Receivable.

Cause of Error:

QuickBooks will only accept invoices that have a sales debit account which is of the type "Accounts Receivable". If any other type of account is being affected by the sales debit, whether an asset, liability, or other account, QuickBooks will return this error. The Sales Department in ESC has a Sales Debit account number that links to an account that is not of this type, or a specific Billing Code on the invoice is affecting an improper sales debit account.


Verify that the account that you are trying to affect shows the account type of Accounts Receivable. If it does not, then change the Sales Debit account in the Sales Department or Billing Code to affect an Accounts Receivable account.

Additional Information:

In many cases, this happens when the Accounts Receivable account is set up manually, instead of having QuickBooks create it automatically. When the account is set up, it is important that the type is chosen to be Accounts Receivable, and not Other Current Asset. Also, the Sales Debit and Credit accounts are sometimes inverted accidentally; make sure Accounts Receivable is the Sales Debit, and a sales income account is set up as the Sales Credit.

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