How Do I Setup Agreement Tasks?


Tasks are services that are assigned to your technicians to perform.  Tasks differ from Service Request Codes only in the fact that they can also contain Parts.  Whereas, Service Request Codes are intended for use when creating dispatches for customers that need prompt service, Tasks are intended for use with Agreements.  

When a Task is added to an Agreement under the Schedule tab and that Agreement is posted to your Dispatch Board, the Task will become a Service Request Code on the dispatch and assign any associated parts to the Parts tab of that same dispatch. 

Add New Tasks

  1. Go to Agreements → Enter Tasks.

  2. Click Add New.
  3. Assign a Task Code.  This should be something that is easy to remember or that resembles the Description of the work to be done.  For example, for your primary preventative maintenance work, you may enter PM1 for the Code.
  4. In the Short Tasking Description field, enter the actual description that the tasking code represents. This description will be displayed in the Service Request Code field on dispatches created from the Post Schedule to Dispatch screen.
  5. Enter the estimated time for the completion of this task in the Task Time field. The total of all tasks assigned to a dispatch will become the Estimated time of the Dispatch and will block off the appropriate amount of time on the 7-Day View of the Electronic Dispatch Board.
  6. Enter the Skill rating of the task in this field. This will tell the dispatcher what skill level the assigned technician will need.
  7. The Full Tasking Description field is used to enter information that will automatically be put into the Dispatch Notes field when a dispatch is created through the Post Schedule to Dispatch option under the Agreements menu. 

Adding Parts to Tasks

The Parts tab of the Edit Task screen is used to attach inventory parts to the task. New parts can be added to the task by entering the desired part number in the Item field. If the part number is unknown, click on the down arrow icon to the right of this field to open the Inventory Search screen.

Keep the parts used to complete tasks generic if possible. The necessary parts can be customized as needed on a location-by-location basis by using the Modify Task button on the Agreement screen when setting up a new agreement.

Editing Tasks

A Task can be edited at any time by going back to Agreements → Enter Tasks and double-clicking on the Task you wish to edit.  Making changes to a task will not affect Agreements or Dispatches that the task has already been assigned to.

Deleting Tasks

If you need to delete a Task from ESC, you can do so by going to Agreements → Enter Tasks.  Highlight the task you wish to remove and click the Delete button on the toolbar.  

If a Task has been used anywhere in ESC, you won't be able to delete it.  Instead, you can make the Task inactive by editing the task and removing the check in the Active box under the Short Tasking Description field.

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