How To Make a Manual Backup of Your ESC Database


Before we begin, we need to create a folder that will hold the backup file created by ESC. The easiest way to approach this is to create a folder, called “ESC Backup” on your server computer’s main hard drive (this will most likely be your C: drive).

In ESC, on a workstation or on the server, click on File and then click on Backup your data.

After clicking on Backup your data, you’ll be at the Backup Data On Server window. Take note that regardless of what computer you are on, the backup will always be created on the server computer. Designate the location where you will save the data. This must be a location that exists on the server machine.

Note: By checking the Overwrite existing backup box, you are maintaining the most recent copy of your data – this is recommended. If you leave this box un-checked, you will create a backup file that has numerous restore points to select. The file size of your backup will increase exponentially, therefore, it’s a better practice to keep the most current file only.

Once you click the Backup button, a window indicating the progress of the backup process will be visible. Once it’s finished you’ll see the following window, click OK.

Your Manual Backup is now complete!

We do encourage you to copy this backup file from your backup folder onto a form of external media. This will ensure that you will have a restore option in the event of a catastrophic failure.

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