How to handle a customer's limited budget


This article will show you how to track a budget given to you by a customer that allows you to perform work for them up to a certain dollar amount.

Initial Setup

Go to Sales → Enter History Codes and create a history code with the following information:

  • Code = DOL
  • Description = Dollars
  • Usage = DOL

Next, configure the Agreements tab of the Company → System Setup tab as follows:

When a customer gives you an open purchase order for a set dollar amount do the following:

  1. Add Open PO to the customer’s Credit Rating field on the Customer Entry screen.
  2. Create a Service Agreement for the customer. Set the type to PO and be sure to fill out the Original Contract Date and Expiration Date. Please note that this procedure is only designed to work with contracts that are for one year or less. Before saving the agreement go to the Usage tab and configure it as follows:
    First field = Dollars
    Second field = Amount of the open purchase order
    Per = Year

Tracking the PO

  1. When creating invoices for the customer from this point forward be sure you add the agreement number to the invoice. Create your invoice normally, but before saving add the DOL history code as the last line item on the invoice. You will be prompted for the number of Dollar Usage. Make this the exact same as the total of the invoice but round to the nearest dollar. Uncheck the Print box for this line. Save the invoice.
  2. Whenever the customer requests work go to the qualification screen to find the customer. Once found click the Agreements button to see how much remains on the open purchase order.
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