How Do I Create a Service Agreement Template?


ESC allows you to memorize an agreement for use with other customers with similar agreements. By clicking the Memorize button in the Agreement screen at any time, certain features of the current service agreement can be saved as a template that you provide a name and description for.  That template can then be applied to new agreements to cut down on the setup time.

You may select any or all of the options listed. The Default Values refers to the information found in the General tab of the Agreement screen as well as the information from the Usage tab (if enabled), while the other options refer to their specific areas of the Agreement screen. Select the information that you wish to memorize from the agreement you have selected and choose OK.

You will then have the opportunity to name the template that you are creating, as well as provide a description that will allow you to identify it easily in the future.


Applying a Memorized Template to an Agreement

When you create a new agreement for a customer, ESC will automatically ask if you wish to apply a memorized template. If you elect to do so, you will see the Memorized Templates screen, and select the template that you wish to use, as shown below:

Select the template you wish to use and select OK. This will apply all items memorized with that template in the current service agreement. Clicking the View option allows you to see the information that is associated to the currently highlighted template; this option is useful for reviewing the information associated to a template before it is applied to an agreement. 

Any template can be deleted at any time by highlighting it and choosing the Delete option. Deleting a template will have no effect on any agreement that was made using that template.

You will also have the option to print our your list of templates for review by clicking the Print Template List from the Templates menu.

Modifying an Existing Template

A template can be edited at any time without affecting any agreement that was setup previously using that template. 

  1. Create a new agreement for a customer. Base the agreement on the template you want to modify.
  2. Change the details of the agreement as desired.
  3. Click the Memorize button to save the template. When prompted for a name, simply click the name of the existing agreement you wish to modify.
  4. Click Save to update the agreement. Click OK when prompted to overwrite the existing template.
  5. Click Clear if you don't want to save the agreement you used to modify the template or Save if you do.
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