How Do I Create a Bill for a Vendor?


If you have ESC integrated with QuickBooks or Sage 50 - or if you have ESC Accounting enabled - you'll be able to turn your Purchase Orders into bills to be paid to your vendors.  Bills can also be generated from the Receive Items screen for only the items being received.  It's as easy as the click of a button!  The Save and Bill button, to be exact.

Let's look at how you can generate your Accounts Payable right from ESC's purchasing system.

From a Purchase Order

When creating a bill directly from a purchase order, the Total on the order will become the Total of the bill.  This is beneficial if you will be paying for the entire order on a single invoice. 

Once the purchase order is complete, click the Save and Bill button on the toolbar.  

In the Create Bill screen, you'll be prompted for the vendor's Invoice Number and the Date of the invoice.  Simply click OK when you're finished and the bill will appear under that vendor's profile in your accounting system.


From Received Items

Not all orders are fulfilled in a single transaction.  Sometimes, you'll receive the first half of your requested items along with an invoice for only that first shipment.  Later, you may receive the rest of the items along with another invoice from the vendor.  ESC can handle that too!  

Recall the order in the Purchase Order screen and click the Save and Receive button.  

This will open a list of the items ordered in the Receive Items screen.  Enter the Quantities received and make sure the prices for those items are correct.  The Total Amount Received at the bottom-right of the screen should reflect the same amount as the vendor's invoice.  Now, you'll click Save and Bill.  

Enter the vendor's Invoice Number and the Date of the invoice in the Create Bill box and click OK.  Since not all items have been received yet, this will not close the purchase order.  You may repeat this process as many times as necessary.

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