Why won't the ESC Connections Server start?


After installing a new version of SQL, the ESC Connections Server fails to start.

Cause of Error:

Current installations of ESC are provided with a copy of Microsoft SQL Server Express which houses the ESC database in an instance called "ESC". Therefore, your Server Name on all connecting terminals (including the ESC Connections Server) will appear as the name of the server computer with "\ESC" on the end.

Example: If the name of your server computer is "Server", the ESC Connections Server will try to connect to "Server\ESC"; or more commonly "(LOCAL)\ESC" when the ESC Connections Server is installed on the server computer itself.

If you install a new version of Microsoft SQL Server and do not assign an instance name of "ESC", then the ESC Connections Server will not be able to connect using its more common setting.


  1. Access the ESC Connections Server by double-clicking on the icon in your Windows System Tray (next to the Windows clock).
  2. Open the Settings section so that you are looking at the Database tab.
  3. Change the Server Name to the name of the server computer with the new instance (or lack of) on the end.
    Example: If the new instance is "NEW", the Server Name will be "Server\NEW"; or "(LOCAL)\NEW".
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Close the ESC Connections Server.
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