ESC Mobile Laptop: Creating Quotes


Providing Quotes to your customers with ESC Mobile Laptop is very similar to building them invoices.  One benefit to creating Quotes for your customers is that you don't need a dispatch to do it.  

Let's say a customer calls you on the phone and explains some work they would like done.  Without creating a dispatch for them, you can head to the Customers section of ESC Mobile Laptop, look up the customer's profile and click the Quote button at the top.  
Note: You'll only have access to the Customers section if your user permissions include the ability to add dispatches or customers.  These permissions can be adjusted by going to Company → Setup Users in ESC.

If you're already on site and are recommending additional repairs or upgrades, that Quote can be generated right from within the dispatch itself.  You'll then start out by clicking the Add button at the top of the screen.  

You may then click the Scan Parts button to scan items onto the quote using a barcode scanner.  If you click the Add button instead, you'll be presented with a search field in which you can search for items by their part number, description, categories or various other criteria. 

Click on an item in the list to open that item on the screen.  From this screen, you can alter the Description to include more information about the work being performed, adjust the Price and Quantity of the item and determine if the item will be Taxable.  

To add the item to the quote and be brought back to the Search screen, click the Save + Add button.  To add the item to the quote and be brought to the quote itself, click the Save button.  Click Cancel to exit this screen and abort the process of adding an item.  Click the Delete button if you opened this item from the quote and wish to remove it. 

The Quote screen itself will list out all items that have been added to it, along with their individual prices, the total Tax being charged and the Total of the invoice.  Below the quote itself, you'll have options for collecting an Authorization signature, a Prepayment, to Email the quote to the customer and to Print the quote.

When collecting an Authorization signature on a quote, the customer will have the ability to deselect certain line items that they do not wish included in the quote by unchecking the box to the left of the item.  This will automatically adjust the totals on the quote.  An overview of the quote will be displayed, along with your Authorization Contract text (which can be edited by going to Company → System Setup → Mobile in ESC).


You may also wish to collect a Prepayment at this time by clicking on the Prepayment button and entering the payment method.

Now the only thing left to do is provide a copy of the quote to your customer.  This can be done by printing the quote or by emailing it.  Printing the quote will, of course, require the use of a mobile printer.  Directly beneath the Print Quote option, you'll be provided with a menu of all Quote Forms available on ESC Mobile Laptop.  

When you click the Save button at the top of the Quote screen, the Quote will be sent to the office once a connection with the internet can be made.

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