How Do I Create Custom Fields for Equipment Items?


Equipment comes in all shapes, sizes and functions.  From air handlers and water heaters to MRI machines and even cranes, ESC wants to help you track it all.  That's why we not only record the basics (makes, models and numbers, oh my!), but we also allow you to create your own fields for recording information.  

You can create up to 8 of your own custom equipment fields.  Each field may contain up to 20 list items, or may simply record free-form entries.  

Did you know you could create custom fields for Customers, too?

Setup Custom Fields

  1. To create or edit custom fields for the Equipment screen, head to File → Setup Custom Fields → Equipment.

  2. Fill in the Field Label for each new field; this will show to the left of each field in the Equipment screen.
  3. If you want this field to display menu items, fill in each List Item field to the right of the Field Label.

  4. Click Save.

Note: You may return to this screen at any time to edit the labels and list items. However, making these changes will affect every equipment record.

You can also access the Define Custom Fields box from the Equipment screen by clicking the Define Custom Fields button at the bottom of the screen.



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