How to troubleshoot laptop connectivity issues


This article will show you how to troubleshoot connectivity problems with the ESC Mobile Client for Windows.


Complete the following steps until the mobile client successfully connects to the Connections Server.

  1. Check Help → About in ESC. Ensure the Connections Server shows it is running. If not, change the network library on the Connections Server and stop and start it. Then return here and check again.
  2. Ensure the Connections Server is configured properly:
  • The correct Server Name and Database Name are entered in the Database tab under Settings.
  • All screens in the ESC Mobile tab under Settings are properly configured.
  • Click the Apply button under Settings to ensure that any changes have been applied to the service. Any changes to the database or to your license will also be picked up by the Connections Server at this time.
  • Ensure the user is configured properly in ESC:
    • The user must not be named ADMIN.
    • The user must have a password. You may want to reset this so you are sure of what it is.
    • The user must be associated with a technician in the Company → Setup Users screen.
    • The user must have "Logon as mobile user" checked on the Setup Users → Security Options screen.
  • Ensure the mobile client can connect to the Internet.



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