How Do I Post Agreement Invoices?


Invoices that are setup within agreements will not be generated automatically, giving you full control of when and how those invoices are posted each month.

When an invoice is posted, the Date Last Invoiced field on the General tab of the Agreement screen will be filled in automatically with the date that invoice was posted.  This will prevent the invoice from being posted a second time if the Post Monthly Invoices feature is run again.  


Posting Monthly Invoices

  1. To post your invoices to the Sales module, you'll head to the Agreements menu and select Post Monthly Invoices.

  2. In the Post Monthly Invoices screen, you'll be able to select which Invoice Form the agreement invoices will use when created.  
  3. You'll also be able to control which invoices post and which done by the Agreement Type field; if you only want to post certain invoices, enter the Type of the agreements you'll be posting now.  
  4. If the Place Hold On Invoices box is checked, then all invoices generated from your agreements will be placed On Hold.  This means that they will not affect your Sales reports, accept payments or post to an integrated Accounting system until the On Hold check box is removed from the individual invoice.  This is useful if you don't want pending renewal invoices to skew your Sales or A/R reports.
  5. Click the Begin Posting button at the bottom of the screen to begin generating your invoices.

  6. Each invoice will be presented to you in a preview screen so that you can decide if it is to be posted or skipped.  If you don't want to preview each one individually and want to post them all at the same time, click the Post All button.  If you have posted only the ones you want and don't wish to continue through the rest, click the Finish button.

  7. Once the invoices have been posted, a new screen will appear providing you with the option of printing or emailing the newly created invoices.  If you don't wish to do either, you may simply close the screen.  If there are certain invoices you don't wish to process, you may deselect the check box to the left of the customer's name.  

If you wish to view the invoices that were posted by this process, you'll want to open the Invoice List from your icon bar.  The default view for the Invoice List (Added Last 30 Days) will display the most recently created invoices at the top of the list, so if you just posted your Agreement invoices, they should now be showing in this list.  If you chose to place your invoices On Hold, then you can also view the Invoices On Hold view to see those invoices.

Having your invoices placed On Hold when they are posted gives you the ability to track which Agreements should be renewed and which should be deactivated.  When a customer sends in their payment, the invoice can be opened in the Sales Invoicing screen and the On Hold check can then be removed before you apply the payment.  If you have the "Auto-update renewal date/expiration date when paying invoices" option selected in the Agreements tab of the System Setup screen, then applying a payment to this invoice will automatically renew the Agreement by bumping up the Renewal and Expiration Dates.

After a particular number of days (30 days, for instance) if a customer's invoice is still On Hold, then that could be your queue that they do not intend to renew their contract and the Agreement should then be marked Inactive in ESC to ensure that they no longer receive scheduled maintenance.  


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