All About Non-Tech Dispatch Columns


Non-Tech Dispatch Columns are columns that appear on the dispatch board for workflow reasons, but are not real technicians. The "Unassigned" and "Serv Agr" columns are a couple of examples of these items.

Non-Tech Dispatch Columns can be especially useful when used in conjunction with custom status codes.

For example, you could create a Non-Tech Dispatch column called "Order Parts" and add it to your Dispatch Board.  You could then create a status code with the same name and use the same settings as the Off Job status code, except that the Transfer to Tech setting would be set to the "Order Parts" column. When the status code is applied to a dispatch the time off would automatically be set and the dispatch would transfer to this column so that your dispatcher or warehouse manager knows to review the dispatch for parts needed to complete the job.

Creating a New Non-Tech Dispatch Column

  1. Go to Dispatch → Enter Non-Tech Dispatch Columns.
  2. Click the Add New button to display the entry screen.
  3. Assign the column a number and name.
  4. Click OK.

After a Non-Tech Dispatch Column has been created you will generally want to add it to a dispatch board using the Setup Dispatch Boards screen under the Dispatch menu.

Limitations of Non-Tech Dispatch Columns

Since Non-Tech Dispatch Columns are not true technicians they have some limitations that technicians do not. 

  • It is not possible to associate a labor rate with them so it is not possible to track the cost of time accumulated while the dispatch is assigned to one.
  • Non-Techs do not have assigned email addresses, so it is impossible to send the dispatch to someone via email while in this column.
  • Likewise, they do not have addresses so it is impossible to optimize a route for dispatches in these columns using the mapping integration.
  • They do not have a schedule so they will not affect the work meters on the 30-Day view of the dispatch board.

Editing a Non-Tech Dispatch Column

Go to Dispatch → Enter Non-Tech Dispatch Columns and double-click an existing Non-Tech Dispatch Column to change it's name or make it inactive. Inactive columns will not appear on most search screens, but will still leave the information intact.

Deleting a Non-Tech Dispatch Column

It is possible to delete a Non-Tech Dispatch column only if it is not in use.  To do this, head to Dispatch → Enter Non-Tech Dispatch Columns.  Highlight the Non-Tech column you wish to delete and then click the Delete button on the toolbar.  If ESC tells you the column cannot be deleted, edit the column to make it inactive instead.

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