How Do I Import Maio Flat Rate into ESC?


Maio Flat Rate is one of the many Flat Rate Pricing providers that ESC allows you to directly import into your database.  Having your Maio price books in ESC gives you the ability to use those items and their prices on Quotes, Invoices and Purchase Orders.

  1. To get started, head to File → Import/Export → Import Flat Rate Items.

  2. Select Maio from the list of providers.  Click Next.

  3. Click the search button to the right of the Select location... field and navigate to the folder where your files are stored.  These files are provided by the flat rate company that you bought your price book from. They should be able to tell you where those files are or you can do a search on your computer to find them.  Click Next.
    Note: You only need to select the directory the files are stored in.  You will not see the individual files and therefore will not be able to select them.

  4. If you check the Import inventory items as assembly sub-items box, each flat rate task will be imported as an assembly. The parts required to perform that task will be attached to it as stock items and will automatically appear on the invoice when the task/assembly is added. This is great if you plan on using the provider's part numbers. If you would rather manually put the inventory items you used for each task on the invoice, leave this box unchecked. This can be beneficial if you already have an established inventory.

  5. Select a Cost Debit and Cost Credit account for any Miscellaneous Materials that Maio will be importing into ESC.  Generally, the Cost Debit will be your default Cost of Goods Sold account and your Cost Credit will be your Inventory Asset account.  Be sure to check with your bookkeeper or accountant if you are not sure what accounts should be assigned.

  6. The last screen that will appear before the import begins is a summary screen. Confirm the data here reflects the choices you made on the previous screens the click Next to start the import. Remember, this can take several hours to complete.

After the import has been completed you will see a screen showing you the results of the import. Simply click Finish here to complete the process.

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