Managing Your Vendors


A Vendor can be any person you pay money to for a service or good.  In ESC, Vendors are primarily used for ordering the inventory items and supplies you need to perform services for your customers.  They also make an appearance in your Tax Codes.  So knowing how to manage your vendors can be vital to keeping business flowing through ESC.

Adding New Vendors

  1. Click on the Vendor Center button on the icon bar.
  2. Click the Add Vendor button on the toolbar.

  3. Fill out the vendor's name fields and address information.  While only the name is required for creating a vendor, we recommend filling out as much information as possible.  Entering the Email Address for a vendor makes sending your Purchase Orders and Credits via email easy.  

  4. If this vendor has more than one location from which parts can be ordered, you'll want to click on the Location tab and then click the Add New Location button at the bottom of this tab.  Fill in the name, address and contact information for this new location.  Multiple new addresses can be added by clicking the Add New Location button again.

  5. There is also a Notes tab available in the Vendors screen that allows you to record information on this vendor.  This information is for the vendor only and does not affect any other part of the software.
  6. Once you are satisfied with the information entered for this vendor record, click the Save button.


Editing Vendors

Making changes to a vendor can be done at any time from the Vendor Center.  Use the Search fields on the toolbar to locate the vendor you need to make changes to.  Double-click on the vendor in the list to open them in the Vendors screen.  

Make your necessary changes and then click the Save button on the toolbar.  The only information in the Vendor record that cannot be changed is the Vendor Number


Removing Vendors

If at any time a vendor needs to be removed from the database, you can do so by deleting the vendor or by making that vendor inactive.  If the vendor has been used in any transactions or assigned to a Tax Code, ESC will not allow them to be deleted. 

Use the Search fields in the Vendor Center to locate the vendor that needs to be removed.  Double-click on that vendor in the list to open them in the Vendors screen.  Click the Delete button on the toolbar.  If you receive a message telling you that the vendor cannot be removed, then you'll remove the check from the Active box and click Save.  

Making a vendor inactive will have no affect on records previously created for that vendor, but will prevent future records from being created for that vendor.

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