The document cannot be opened or repaired


When attempting to open a document or file that was attached to a record in ESC which has been archived, the user may receive the following errors:

"Source program"** found unreadable content in xxxxxxxxxxxx. Do you want to recover the contents of this document. If you trust the source of this document, click YES.

The document cannot be opened or repaired by the "Source program" because it is corrupt.

However, if the archived zip file is opened directly, the archived file or files open properly and are not corrupted.

**Source program will be replaced in the error message with the program you would use to open the file such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe etc.

Cause of Issue:

This issue can occur if the database has somehow become corrupted. ESC will first search for the archived file within the ESC database and if it is not found there, it will attempt to extract the file from the archived zip file and then open it up. If the database has become corrupted in some way, stored archive files may become inaccessible through the link found in the ESC record.


Go to the screen containing the archive link in ESC. This may be located in Customer Information, Dispatch Entry, Sales Invoicing, Equipment or Service Agreements. Delete the archive reference to the file from that screen and then reattach the document or file again. You may do this using the original archive zip file if you do not have the original file available. The default location for these archived files will be in the following directory on the machine that initiated the archival process:

C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME*\My Documents\ESC\Archived Documents

**USERNAME references the name of the logged in user on the computer.

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