Adding Equipment Types


When adding equipment to a customer's record, you'll want to make sure you record what Type of equipment you're adding.  For instance, you may provide multiple services to your clients, such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC and appliance repair.  If you simply enter a GE Model #8700, it's going to be difficult for everyone to know exactly what that particular item is.  But if you enter "Water Heater", that will be easier for your office staff and technicians to understand.

When adding equipment records, you may either manually enter the Type of equipment, or you may create a list of Types to choose from.  You can create that list by going to Customer Info → Enter Equipment Types.

To enter a new Type, place your cursor in the next available space (represented by "*") and enter the new Type.  Press Enter to save your entry.  If you wish to edit an existing Type, you may simply double-click on it to make your changes.  

When you're finished with all changes, click the Save button.

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