Update Sales Tax in ESC


Tax rates are constantly changing. Whether it's for city, state or county tax, updating your Sales Tax Codes in ESC is fast and easy.


  1. In ESC, go to Sales Enter Sales Tax Codes.
  2. Double-click on the Tax Code you need to update.
  3. Update the rate to the correct percent. If you have a rate that consists of multiple tax authorities, each authority should have a separate line with their own rate. The combined rate will show at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click OK and then close the Enter Tax Codes screen.

This rate will not affect invoices that have already been created and saved. If a previously saved invoice needs to reflect the new tax rate, open the invoice, change the Tax Code to a different code and then change it back to the updated code. This will apply the new rate to that invoice.

Additional Information:

If you are using a version of ESC prior to 13.00.12, we highly recommend upgrading to a more recent version. Prior to Version 13.00.12, updating a Sales Tax Code in ESC would apply the change to all previously created invoices.

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