Why Can't I Copy and Paste With ESC?


Running WebRoot Anti-Virus software can have adverse affects on the way Electronic Service Control performs.  Opening ESC could trigger virus threat messages from Webroot Antivirus.

Information cannot be copied or pasted in any Notes field.

Electronic Service Control may fail to open properly, and will produce error messages when you attempt to open it.

The ESC Accounting Server continuously fails to connect to QuickBooks. This may produce a variety of errors indicating that there is more than one QuickBooks file open or that QuickBooks has not granted permissions for ESC to connect.

Cause of Issue:

Webroot Antivirus software will quarantine particular program files, preventing certain programs from being able to function properly, including Electronic Service Control. It may also deem the program file itself a threat will produce a warning message each time the user attempts to access ESC.

Resolution of Issue:

If Webroot Antivirus has quarantined vital program files, these files can be selected and restored from the Quarantine file within Webroot itself. To solve connectivity issues that prevent Electronic Service Control from being able to function, Webroot must be disabled.

This is a well-known issue with the Webroot Antivirus. Click here for more information about this issue. Please contact Webroot Support for assistance with these issues.

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