ESC Mobile Laptop: Managing Technicians


One of the many awesome features you'll find in ESC Mobile Laptop is the ability to view other technicians' schedules, assign new dispatches or reschedule existing ones.  

You'll access the management options by clicking on the Manage button on the ESC Mobile Laptop's Home screen.  
Note: If you don't have Enable Mobile Management selected as an option for your user, you won't be able to use (or see) this feature.  You can make that change by going to Company → Setup Users and adjusting your user's Security Options.  

In the Manage section, you'll be presented with a list of all employees currently active in ESC.  You may select any employee to see a list of dispatches - in chronological order - that are assigned to that person.

Click on any dispatch in the list to view its information.  

If you need to reschedule the dispatch, click the Reschedule button at the top of the screen.  

You'll be asked for the date you wish to schedule the dispatch for and then to select a technician for this dispatch.  

Next, you'll be asked to schedule a Time for the dispatch.  

To finalize your changes, click the Accept button.

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