How to refund or void a transaction through Clearent Payments


In the event that a payment has been processed for a customer and you need to cancel said payment, you may void or refund these transactions. The following guide will help walk you through the process of cancelling these payments.

Refunding and Voiding: What's the difference?

  • Refunding a transaction takes place when funds from a transaction are available in your account and need to be transferred back to the customer.
  • Voiding a transaction is when you are cancelling the transfer of funds, from a customer's account to your account.

How to Refund or Void a Transaction

1. In Virtual Terminal navigate to the Transactions tab.


2. Choose the appropriate Terminal(Swipe)or (Manual).

3. Next, select the type of transaction, Card Transactions or ACH Transactions.


4. Now, look up the transaction you wish to refund or void by using the filters, click Search to apply these filters.


5. From the list of results, find the transaction you wish to Refund or Void. If voiding the transaction, select the drop-down button and choose the Void button.


6. On the following screen, make sure the Amount is correct, and then provide any comments related to the Refund or Void. When finished, click the process button.


7. Once the process button has been selected, you will see an approval message in the right corner of the screen.


At this point the Refund or Void has been processed and no further action is required.

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