"Could Not Post Time Slip For Employee...Error When Saving TimeTracking."


The following error occurs when your ESC database is integrated with QuickBooks and a user is attempting to Post Time to Payroll.

Could not post time slip for employee '0014': There was an error when saving a TimeTracking. QuickBooks error message: Record needs to be locked before it can be modified.

This error is caused when the Time/Enter Single Activity window is open in QuickBooks and is displaying information for the employee shown in the error message.


Close the Time/Enter Single Activity window in QuickBooks. This could be on any machine that has QuickBooks open, so the safest bet would be to get everyone out of QuickBooks except for the computer running the ESC Accounting Server. On that computer, make sure all windows within QuickBooks are closed. Then try posting time to payroll from ESC again.


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