How Do I Add or Remove Shipping Methods?


Shipping Methods are used on Purchase Orders and Vendor Credits to indicate how the item or items ordered will be received or delivered. The Shipping Method is not only displayed on the Enter Purchase Orders screen, but can also be found on the printed Purchase Order and used as a filter on the Purchase Order List.

Add New Shipping Method

  1. To create new Shipping Methods, go to Vendors → Enter Shipping Methods.

  2. Click on the Add New button on the toolbar.

  3. Give the Shipping Method a name.

  4. Click OK.


Edit a Shipping Method

A Shipping Method may be edited at any time to change the Name.  Changing the Name of the Shipping Method will affect the Name that shows on all Purchase Orders and Vendor Credits.  

  1. Go to Vendors → Enter Shipping Methods.
  2. Double-click on the Name you wish to change.  You can also select the Name and click the Edit button on the toolbar.
  3. Make your desired changes.
  4. Click OK.


Removing a Shipping Method

If a Shipping Method has been created that you no longer wish to use, you may only delete it if it has not been applied to a Purchase Order or Vendor Credit. If you attempt to delete a Shipping Method and receive a message that tells you the method is being used, then you will simply need to edit that Shipping Method to remove the Active check mark. An inactive Shipping Method will still appear on the transaction in which it was previously used, but will not appear in the Ship Via list on the Purchase Order and Vendor Credit screens for further use.

  1. Go to Vendors → Enter Shipping Methods.
  2. Highlight the Name of the Shipping Method to be removed.  
  3. Click the Delete button.
    1. If you receive a message telling you that it cannot be deleted, then click the Edit button on the toolbar instead.
    2. Remove the Active check.
    3. Click OK.
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