ESC Mobile Tech: Receiving Payments


If you want your technicians creating and providing invoices to customers on site, then you most likely want them to be able to collect and record payments as well.  ESC Mobile Tech makes that super fast and easy to do.  

Before a payment can be collected, the invoice will first need to be completed.  If the payment collected is for more than the invoice, ESC will display an error when the invoice reaches the office.  When you're ready to collect a payment, click on the Payment button on top of the screen.  You'll be presented with four payment options in the list: Cash, Check, Credit Card and Prepayment.  The Total of all payments will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

To record a cash payment, click on the Edit link next to Cash and record the amount being paid in cash.  Then click the Save button.  

To record a check payment, click on the Edit link next to the Check option and record the amount and check number being submitted.  Then click the Save button.

To record a credit card payment, click on the Edit link next to the Credit Card option.  You'll need to record the Amount being paid, Card Type, Name on Card, Card Number, Expiration Date and the Authorization number.  The Authorization number is the number provided by the credit card merchant to confirm that the card was charged successfully.  The information entered into this screen will immediately be encrypted when the payment is saved, and therefore will not be available for future use to any user.  Only the last four digits of the Card Number will be available in the payment record.

If you have Clearent's payment processing services integrated with your ESC database, the only option you'll see in the Credit Card payment screen is for the Amount to be charged.  You'll then click the Swipe Card or Enter Manually button to be presented with Clearent's merchant portal.

From the field, you may also save a credit card for future use by the "Save for future use" toggle during the transaction.


The Prepayment amount shown on the Payments screen is not a payment option.  Rather, it is a total of all prepayments collected on a quote that was used to create the current dispatch.  If you need to apply a prepayment to a quote, that quote needs to be recalled in the Quote tab.  

All payments collected for this dispatch will be imported along with the invoice through the Import from Mobile screen once the dispatch has been completed by all technicians (thus, deactivating the dispatch entirely).  

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