Building a List of Equipment Locations


It's important to know what type of equipment your customers need assistance with and who built it.  But the most important information on a piece of equipment is where to find it.  When entering a new equipment record for a customer, you can type in the Location of the unit - such as "East Wall" or "Under the stairs".  

Rather than have to manually type in a location ever time, you can create a list of Equipment Locations to select from.  This makes entering a new equipment record even easier.

To add to the Equipment Locations list, head to Customer Info → Enter Equipment Locations.  

To add new Locations to the list, simply place your cursor in the next open space - represented by a "*" - and start typing.  Press Enter when you're done to save your entry.  You can also edit an existing Location in the list by double-clicking on it.  When you're done adding or editing, click the Save button.

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