How Do I Cancel a Payment or Credit?


Any payments or credits that were made through the Payments screen or the Prepayments screen can be removed from ESC by going to the Cancel Payments/Credits screen under the Receivables menu.  

Note: If you are integrated with a third-party accounting system, you will not have access to this screen.  Instead, a payment made on an invoice in ESC should be removed from through the Sales Invoicing screen.  Payments made in your accounting system should be removed from there.

  1. Head to Receivables → Cancel Payments/Credits.

  2. Select your customer by either typing their name into the Customer field or by clicking the down arrow to open the Customer Search screen.
  3. Any payment entered for this customer will be displayed under the Checks section, whereas credits will show under the Credit column.
  4. Select the payment or credit you wish to cancel and then click the Cancel Selected button below the column.  
  5. Click Exit when you are done.

If the payment was made directly on an invoice, it will not show in the Cancel Payments/Credits screen.  Instead, you'll need to remove the payment from the invoice itself.

  1. Recall the invoice the Sales Invoicing screen.
  2. Click the Tender button on the toolbar.
  3. In the Tender screen, click the Remove Payment button.
  4. Click Save.

Warning - Canceling payments made by a customer is not the same as issuing a credit or a refund.  Refunds should be handled with a credit memo so that you will have full records of all involved transactions.

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