Could not post account as item - list element is already in use


Description of Error

When attempting to post an invoice to QuickBooks the following error is displayed:

Could not post account as an item:

302000 Agreement Revenue

The name "302000 Agreement Revenue" of the list element is already in use.

The account number shown in the error will vary. This will prevent the invoice from posting to QuickBooks.

Cause of Error

An item that ESC uses on invoices has been changed from a non-inventory part to something else. This was done manually by someone in QuickBooks.


  1. Go to the Item List in QuickBooks and find the item listed in the error.
  2. Edit the item and change the Item Name/Number to be different. Simply adding the word old to the end of the account is generally sufficient. Example: 30200 Agreement Revenue becomes 30200 Agreement Revenue Old.
  3. Post invoices again from within ESC by selecting File → Post to QuickBooks.
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