Working with Dispatch Priorities


Priorities can be associated with dispatches to give you a quick visual representation of how important the dispatch is or what type of work is being done. By changing the priority of a dispatch you will change the background color of the dispatch on the Electronic Dispatch Board (EDB), making it extremely easy to see.

Creating New Priorities

  1. To create a new Priority, go to Dispatch → Enter Priorities.
  2. Click the Add New button.
  3. Give the priority a Name.
  4. Select a color to associate with this Priority.
  5. Click OK.

Edit Dispatch Priorities

You can edit an existing Priority by going to Dispatch → Enter Dispatch Priorities and double-clicking on the Priority.  From here, you can change the color of the Priority or make this Priority inactive by unchecking the Active box.

Assigning Priorities to Dispatches

Once the priority has been created you can add it to a dispatch using the Priority field on the General tab of the Dispatch screen.

They can also be associated with customers using the Default Priority field on the Customer screen, under the General tab. If you do this, all dispatches created for this customer will automatically be set to the Default Priority, although you will still have the ability to change this on a per dispatch basis if you wish.

You can also set the Priority that will be assigned to all dispatches if the customer's default priority is blank by going to Company → System Setup → Dispatch and changing the Default Priority field there.

While still in the System Setup screen you can click the Agreements tab to set a different Priority for all dispatches created by the Service Agreement module. This setting will override the customer default when an agreement dispatch is created for them.

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