How Do I Receive Inventory Items into ESC?


The most important event in inventory tracking is when an item falls into your possession.  After all, you can't sell or use something you don't have, right?  When your stock increases, you need to tell ESC so it can keep accurate track of your items and values.  

If the items were ordered on a purchase order, recall that order from the PO List.  On the toolbar of the Purchase Order screen, click the Save and Receive button.  All items on the order will be carried to the Receive Items screen, along with the Vendor and Terms.

If no purchase order was created, you can get directly to the Receive Items screen by going to Vendors → Receive Items.

If items are being received from a purchase order, the On Order field will show how many of each item was ordered.  In the Quantity field, you'll enter the number of items actually received.  This is the number by which your stock will be increased.  If all items ordered were received, you may click the Receive All button on the toolbar to fill in the Quantity field automatically.

You will also have the opportunity here to enter additional lines, such as adding shipping costs or taxes paid.  If ESC is not associated with an accounting package, then such items will be for reporting purposes only.  

Be sure to update the Unit Cost field if the price paid for the item does not match what is being shown in ESC.  This is so that ESC can accurately calculate and report on your costs.

The Warehouse can also be adjusted for each individual item so that you know exactly where your items are and keep your vehicles properly stocked.

Once the information in the Receive Items screen has been reviewed and adjusted, you'll click the Save button on the toolbar.  The process of receiving items into inventory cannot be undone, so be sure that the information is correct first.  Items received by mistake can be removed from inventory by creating a Vendor Credit and Return Receipt or by adjusting the item out in the Adjust Inventory screen.

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