Peachtree is currently in a state that prevents integration


Description of Error:

When using the Peachtree integration with ESC, you may receive the following error:

Peachtree is currently in a state that prevents integration. Please exit from the screen that is causing the problem in Peachtree, then click OK.

Cause of Error:

When a user is in certain screens in Peachtree, all third party applications are bared from interfacing with it. Most of the screens that do this put Peachtree in a special mode. While Peachtree is in this mode it is not even possible to enter new customers directly into Peachtree (not that you would want to).


Get out of the screen causing this in Peachtree. The integration will resume working again immediately afterward.

Additional Information:

The following screens are known to cause this issue, but there may be others that also will halt integration:

  • The Options screen of any report.
  • Payroll Settings
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