How to Customize your Invoices, Dispatches, and other forms in ESC


ESC's Layout Designer is a screen that allows you to customize the forms that are printed out from the software.



In the Layout Designer, you'll see the form laid out in its current state.  Any field that will be filled in during the printing process is called a Designer Field and will show in the form with blue brackets around it.  Any field that shows in the designer the same way it prints is a Label and will not have the blue brackets.  

You can enhance your form with various labels, lines, boxes and images using the buttons on the toolbar.

If you're customizing a Dispatch form, you'll also have an Options box with additional capabilities.

To add or remove fields from the form, expand the headings under the Designer Fields column to show the individual fields available.  Place a check mark next to any field you want added to the form; remove a check mark from the field to remove it from the form.  

A field added to your invoice forms may appear in the last place it was used in the form, or will appear in the top left corner.

When an object in the form is selected, red squares will appear around it.  The four red squares on the outside of the object allow you to resize the object.  A single red square in the middle is what you'll want to click and drag in order to move the object to a new location in the form.

Invoice Forms, Purchase Orders and Statements will have a body consisting of multiple columns that can be rearranged, resized or hidden.  When you select the body of the form, each column - as well as the parameter of the body - will display red squares that can be used to resize the individual columns or the entire body.  You can also right-click within the body for additional options.

  • Properties - allows you to change the way the fonts are displayed in the body.

  • Set Visible Columns - allows you to show or hide various columns.

  • Order Columns - allows you to rearrange the order in which the columns of the body are displayed.

  • Delete - can be used to remove fields from the form.


The following links are files that provide example forms for further editing. For instructions on how to import these files, please visit the following article. 

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