ESC Mobile Laptop: Creating a New Dispatch


New dispatches can be created right from ESC Mobile Laptop, making it easier for on-call technicians to handle after-hour distress calls.  You can add a new dispatch from the Dispatch List screen by clicking on the Add button.  That is, if your user permissions are set to allow your user to create new dispatches.

You'll then enter the Customer Search screen, where you can search your database for an existing customer.  

If none of the customers found match the person needing service, you'll click the Add Customer button to create a new record.  Simply fill in the customer's information, and then click Add.

Next, you'll be brought to a Dispatch screen where you will be asked to schedule a time for the dispatch, add notes to the dispatch and then select a technician to assign the dispatch to.  

It will even show you how much work each technician still has left for the date of the new dispatch.  

If you assigned the new dispatch to yourself, you'll be able to retrieve that dispatch from the Dispatch List screen, as long as you have not met or exceeded the number of allowed calls.  You may now handle the dispatch as needed.



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