'Object Variable or Width Block Variable Not Set' when connecting the ESC Accounting Server


Description of Error:

When attempting to start up the ESC Accounting Server for the first time to integrate with QuickBooks, the following error may occur:

Object variable or width block variable not set

After clearing the error, the Accounting Server remains on the screen, but attempts to connect it again will fail without returning any further errors.

Cause of Error:

This error may occur if more than one version of the QuickBooks application is installed, the QuickBooks application does not have all of the latest Intuit updates, or if the QuickBooks application is just not installed at all.


To resolve the issue, try the following:

  1. If you are unsure if the computer has multiple versions of QuickBooks already installed, within Windows go to the Control Panel→Add\Remove Programs. You will be able to see all versions of QuickBooks that have been installed and can remove them from this utility. If more than one version of QuickBooks is installed, uninstall all versions and then reinstall just the latest version to be used. Be sure to do a backup of your QuickBooks database and secure it prior to the uninstall.
  2. If only one version of QuickBooks is detected on the computer, perform all Intuit updates. If the problem continues, uninstall QuickBooks and reinstall it anew. You may also uninstall\reinstall the ESC Accounting Server and try to integrate again.
  3. This error will also occur if you install the ESC Accounting Server onto a computer that does not have the QuickBooks application already installed to it. Installing just the Intuit QuickBooks Pervasive Server component and not the QuickBooks application will not resolve the issue. As the ESC Accounting Server actually logs into QuickBooks using the QuickBooks application, installing this software is mandatory to make the integration work properly.
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