How to Hide Employee Labor Rates


ESC allows you to set the labor cost and overhead rates for each employee. Generally this is a good thing for owners and managers because it allows you to see the profitability of each invoice on the sales invoicing screen and sales reports.

It can be a bad idea, however, to let everyone see this information. This article will show you how to hide this information from people that don't need to know it.


To hide this information you will need to edit each users' privileges by selecting Company → Setup Users. Once there create a new user or edit an existing one. Click Next to advance to the Security Options screen. Remove check marks next to all of the following permissions and then save the user. Repeat for each user that doesn't need access to this data.

  • Dispatch → Utilities → Enter Technicians
  • Sales → Screens → Show Cost Fields in Sales Invoicing
  • Sales → Screens → Show Labor Cost in Sales Invoicing
  • Sales → Reports → Sales Reports
  • Sales → Reports → Sales Invoice List
  • Sales → Reports → Customer Sales Analysis
  • Sales → Reports → Technician Sales Analysis
  • Sales → Reports → Service Account Ledger
  • Sales → Reports → Job Sales Report
  • Sales → Reports → History Report With Cost
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