Why does editing an attached document change the name?


After attaching a document to a record in ESC, the document is then opened within ESC by using its source program such as Notepad, Word, Excel etc. Within the source program changes may be made and then when saving a copy of the document back to Windows, the documents file name is save as something like this:


Cause of Issue:

The strange file name is assigned because the document is being saved within the source program which is taking the currently assigned document name that SQL uses for indexing in the ESC database instead of the original one.


To avoid saving any attached documents with these long file names, close the attached documents and save any changes but do not use the Save As option in the source program. Instead, with the document closed, within ESCs attached document's screen, right-click on the attached document and select EXTRACT. The Extract option will read the files original name and not the SQL indexing name. After selecting extract on the file, ESC will prompt for the computers destination location and when the function is executed, the file will be saved in Windows using the files original file name.

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