How Can I Reopen a Completed Dispatch?


There may be occasions where you complete a dispatch by mistake or need to modify something about the dispatch after it has been completed. This can be easily remedied by recalling the original dispatch and modifying or reactivating it.

There are multiple ways to locate a dispatch once it has been Completed.

  • If you know which tech the dispatch was assigned to and the date it was completed you can switch to the History view of the Electronic Dispatch Board. To do this, simply change the Display Date of the EDB to the date the dispatch was completed and change the board status from Active to History. Look under the technician's name for the dispatch.

  • The Last 30 Days view of the Dispatch List will show you all dispatches that have been created within the past 30 days, regardless of whether they are active or Complete.  This - or the Uninvoiced view - may be a great way to spot that dispatch you accidentally Completed.

  • If you know the customer the dispatch was for you can recall the customer from the Customer Center and select the Dispatch from their Details panel to the right of the screen.

If you want to reactivate the dispatch, open the dispatch and you'll find yourself on the Schedule tab.  Click the Add Technician button. Select the technician you want to assign the dispatch to and adjust the Date Promised and Time if desired. Click on Save and the dispatch will be reopened for the tech and time you specified.

Warning! Once a dispatch has been completed and invoiced, it should not be reactivated as this could cause confusion with the invoice.  Instead, create a 'return' or 'call back' dispatch.

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